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Screech Owl and Chickadee, likely companions

Some of our local residents, a screech owl and a chickadee

Welcome to Cedar Spring Herb Farm. How quickly the wheel of the year turns to find us once again looking for ways to feed our bodies, minds and spirits in the "off season." This year's offerings include some favorite classes and many new opportunities for nourishment, including a Flower Essence Weekend Intensive, a new format for the Women's Moon Lodge, a Shamanic Healing Weekend, and most exciting, an educational/travel opportunity that many of you have asked for.

Cedar Spring Herb Farm storeIn the news recently, with much more to come, are the emerging studies exposing chemicals and carcinogens in the cosmetic and personal care products many use daily. Please evaluate the products you expose yourself and your family to, and remember that there are natural and herbal alternatives for almost everything. Many of our classes and all of our products have been created to enhance your health and environment. This year we added a baby care line and a men's skin care line that are now available here at the farm, online and at several fine retail outlets.

Cedar Spring Herb Farm storeOnce again, I thank each of you for the gift of your presence here at the farm and all you have taught me through the years. I hope this year's schedule wilt help to feed your spirit!



May 1st 2008 - The Farm Shop reopens for the Season
Plants - Products - Herbal Supplies Wed. - Sun., 10 AM - 4 PM

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